Review: Smart Garden by Click & Grow

The Smart Garden is an apartment vegetable garden. It allows you to grow different herbs such as basil, parsley, coriander… But today we will see what place and utility it can have in you.

Boite du Smart Garden


The Smart Garden box is simple and pretty. It makes you want to plant aromatic herbs even if you don’t have a green thumb. But the most important thing is what’s inside.

As soon as you open the box, you are faced with two things. The first one is a welcome card with a short message and a signature from the director, which is quite original. And the second, in all likelihood, is none other than the Smart Garden.

If we remove the upper cardboard box, which contains the basil capsules to grow, the product reveals itself to us.

We have the starter pack which contains 3 basil capsules.

It is also possible to order different herbs specially designed for the smart garden directly on the brand’s website.

Concerning basil, we can already read on the packaging that it will take 1 to 2 weeks for the plant to come out of the ground and 1 to 2 months to have something that can be used.

Nevertheless we will see how the plants grow over the days and we will update the information in this article.

In a second box, we find accessories. The first ones allow to raise the light when our plants how to take height. The maximum height of the lamp is 34cm. The second are adapters for the EU and English sockets.


Now let’s focus on our product. Its design is sober and refined with a touch of modernity. It fits very well into a relatively modern house setting but it is true that in traditional houses it will have a futuristic side. Nevertheless, we are dealing with a relatively pretty device with all-plastic finishes.

On the upper part, we have small transparent plastic capsules. The latter make it possible to reproduce the effect of a greenhouse to promote plant growth. If we remove the capsules, we find pots to put the soil with the seeds. In the box we find the “Smart” earth, resulting from research carried out by NASA, which provides all the nutrients and conditions necessary to have plants in full shape.

We just have to place them inside the 3 pots and close them with the small cap. Now that our plants are in a suitable environment for their development, we can plug in the smart garden so that the lights turn on. Don’t forget to add water so that our plants grow… And to know the level without having to move our pots, a small float is present on the side. The level is good when it aligns with the surface of the smart garden. Our aromatic herbs are ready to grow! All we have to do now is wait a few weeks… But to be patient we will test the application available on smartphone.

The application

To download it, go to the store corresponding to your device (PlayStore / AppSotre) and install the application.

On the download page, we can see an average score of 2.1/5 which is not very encouraging for the future.

Once the application is installed, we have the identification screen. We can register or login. As we do not have an account, we create one using email registration.

If you register, it will ask you to choose which device you have.

As we have the Starter Pack model, he suggests that we name our machine and our plantations.

Whether you choose your names correctly or not, you will have the possibility to modify them later. As for our plants, they will be called Groot.

If they spend several months with us, they might as well choose something nice.

Then you can enter the date you started growing your plants. This will allow us to have a follow-up and see the evolution over time.

The application also offers a small animation to show you how your plants will grow. This should differ depending on the type of herbs you selected at the beginning. It’s nice but the interest is less…

Another feature that seems interesting is the “Water” button on the main screen.

Unfortunately, when you click on it, it will be a cold shower. This tool does not water the plants at all, but it is just a reminder.

The application does not offer many things. We can take pictures of our plants and have a history of what has grown but nothing more.

As a result of this experiment, which was attempted despite the application’s negative ratings, we understand the feedback from other users.

Apart from saying that it is a connected product (and that it is not connected at all), there is no point in downloading the application.


The Smart Garden is therefore a real disappointment. The product is not really smart, except for the earth, since its only intelligent feature is the automatic switch-off of light for 8 hours every 16 hours. For the rest, you’ll have to have a green thumb. It would have been interesting to have the possibility to water the plants remotely via the application or even to have an integrated camera to take pictures to see the evolution of our plants. Despite everything, the Smart Garden is a cute gadget and like all gadgets, it is useless and therefore indispensable.